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Becoming typical night... RP, WoW, TV

TV: I watched the Burn Notice pilot. Enjoyed it. It wasn't 'EEEE the best thing ever on TV!', but it was entertaining.

RP: Blah. I hadn't felt like RPing tonight (shock!) but I did anyway. I feel like maybe I shouldn't have, because I suspect I messed up IC -- I backed myself into a corner I have no idea how to get out of. My actions were IC, but I don't see an IC way of solving the issue (which basically keeps me cut off from the group I've been RPing with for weeks). Blah.

WoW: Yet more PvPing. I have my 28 boots and belt from AB marks of honor points, but I was nearing cap so I went off to buy my 38 belt and boots... and I ended the night near cap again. >< I switched over to WG (because I need 30 marks from there for my mount at 50), but boy do I hate WG. I'm level 26.5, so I suspect I'll be buying level 80 armor soon and still being at cap...

PS: I don't think anyone on WoW knows the difference between "their" and "there". My temper was really short tonight, and I almost, almost commented on it. However I know, when I'm close to commenting on typos in WoW, that it's time to stop and go do something else. (Unfortunately that something else had been RPing...)

Blah night in general, which was in no small part food related. I basically ate one meal today, which is bad bad bad. Dinner failed again and again and again. (Attempt one: plastic wrap melted into my chicken. Attempt two through four: freezer-burned frozen dinners. Attempt five: Frozen leftover blueberry pancakes which somehow turned into cold mush when I microwaved them. Attempt six: Bagel... found mold on it when I tried to cut it up. At that point I just gave up.)

Blah. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, on every score.
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