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Tech help?

Google failed me, does anyone have any ideas about this? First time this ever happened.

I always leave my computer on overnight. When I woke up this morning I had a blank screen (no taskbar, none of the open windows, no icon, just my wallpaper) and in the lower right hand corner there was a tiny little cell phone icon with a blue wave coming out of it, as if it were sending a signal. It looked like someone was using my computer remotely.

However, my virus scanner is up to date and says nothing's going on. I'm running another spyware scan now.

I've never seen a cell phone icon on my computer before, ever. It was small, about a quarter the size of a normal icon.

This really doesn't sound like a good thing, but if if my virus scanner (AVG) doesn't find anything, how am I supposed to go about this?
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