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C'mon Blizzard...

I decided to move my main to my RP server. Unfortunately I had paid $25 to move him to that server to take part in endgame with friends... then discovered that I didn't really like raiding. He has 8K gold on him, and my rogue has never had more than 100 gold, and the idea of having to buy mounts scares me, so... Another $25 to move the character again, bah. Basically I feel like I'm buying gold.

Too bad I'm failing at buying gold.

Three and a half hours ago I started this process. The final page says the estimated time is an hour... but it's still not done. I know, I know, 'estimated'... I logged off for a half-hour earlier, and now I've been logged off another half-hour... (The page says the character cannot be logged on, but from the first time I seemed to recall that they wanted the whole account logged off, so...)

So bored!

On a related note, my random LJ image sites are all dead. LJ killed the feed, blah. (And when I googled for information on this, my LJ came up as the fifth result. Ha! Not very handy!)

*stabs WoW* At least I got lots of stuff done before I logged off. naikitty ran me through SM a couple times and I hit 36! Woot! Almost up to epic mount 40!
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