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Darned Tuesday morning downtimes...

Usually I do my cooking and fishing dailies pre-work, but since it's Tuesday morning I can't. Worse than that, my server's going to be down until noon today. Blah!

I finally unfriended the FFXI LJ comm, basically my last tie to FFXI. (Sometimes, when I'm bored out of my skull, I glance at BG, but that's like once a month.) I really thought I'd miss the game, maybe have been back by now, but I'm not at all. I do miss decorating my mog house and chatting with folks, but the latter can be done over IM and the former... well... I guess there's Animal Crossing if I wanted to get back into that!

I also thought I'd be bored out of my mind by PvP by now. 22 levels of XPing only through AB and counting! I'm still enjoying it though -- heck, I might be enjoying it more now that I'm learning to just chill and keep my mouth shut no matter how wrong and annoying other people are. I think the thing that keeps PvP fun is that every time it's different. Matches take up to 20 minutes, and no two are the same. Generally I defend (best honor that way), and some matches I don't see a single alliance person, some matches I get killed again and again and again. Some matches they camp the graveyard and I can't even get back to my base, some matches we camp theirs. Some matches it's a close race, some there's a clear winner from the get-go. Sometimes I beat my head against a brick wall paladin, sometimes I solo kill someone five levels above me (eee!).

And, when I get tired of PvP, there's RP! I've expanded my RP circle (not much, but added a few people), which is good!

So, all in all, everything's going well online. If only the servers would come back up. :P
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