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"Being Human" and WoW

I was watching something on BBC America and then it ended and Being Human came on. Wow. The show grabbed my attention and hooked me in less than thirty seconds. I had to force myself to turn it off so that I could watch it from the beginning instead of wherever I was in the middle. As soon as I finish Big Bang Theory, Being Human is next up. (I keep tossing in single eps of Burn Notice and Merlin when I get bored of other things, but I can't watch eps of those two things back to back.)

WoW was slow today, but I think it might have been my brain's fault. I got seven hours of sleep last night, but that's not enough to recover from my whole week of no sleep. Hit 46 on rogue and got my second 60 purple piece. (Unfortunately I realized I should have gotten it last, because it'll just be replacing a 58 blue piece, where other pieces would be replacing something non-blue.) So that's shoulders and boots got (8.5K honor points each), and I need hands (8.5K), head (13K), and chest (14K). People tell me you get a lot more HP in AV, and I'm hoping that's the case. 46-51 in AB, then 51 on I can do AV.

Got semi-bored with PvP today, for the first time ever. It's probably my tired brain though, hopefully. It's amazing how well I've perfected slacking off and get still being the topmost honor points winner.

For some reason I have a crapton of these screenshotted, but here are three at random. Rarely I come in second place, and only time I come in less than second is if I'm sent into a match when it's already in progress. (I was level 40-42 in those screenshots, 40-49 bracket.)

Also did a little RP with a person who has issues understanding the difference between IC and OOC. The situation is very hard for my tired brain to deal with.

I'm pretty sure I'm having kidney pain. Damned stone better not be back. Must drink more water! Stupid rocks-inside-me...
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