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The boy who cried wolf (WoW)

WOLF WOLF WOLF WOLF WOLF WOLF! Eee wolf! I finally got mine! I was soooo sick of riding on an oversized, too-colorful bird. Yay now I lope again! And I really, really like the Black War Wolf, too!

AV is still odd and foreign to me, but I discovered a new feature! I can skill up on the wolves/rams that wander around! That's handy, as I'm starting to level faster and faster. Two levels today, putting me at rogue 53!

I need to write about Being Human soon, but zzzz not feeling well and need to sleep.

WOLF! Yay! :D

Wow. I made this icon when I first made my LJ, so it's about seven years old. (And aww, I missed my LJ birthday! August 15th my LJ turned seven years old!) I don't believe I ever used it until now (it's too dark and hard to see).
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