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Quickie post! (WoW)

I'll reply to all comments tomorrow! Sorry I'm so slow!

Rogue hit 61 today, that's three levels in one day! That's muchly due to getting flying at 60 (WOO!) and I got about 60% of a level just from exploring all of the Outlands. Kind of odd to think this character will likely never go back there again, unless he needs a recipe or something.

Got my "last" piece of purple 60 gear... only to discover it's not the last. (FFXI keeps tripping me up in WoW! In FFXI, "AF" is five pieces, but WoW gets shoulders in addition!) I know this PvP gear isn't exactly the same as AF, but I keep kind of thinking about it that way.

Is my new armor not the last thing a rogue should ever wear? Sneaky? With my fricking shoulders on fire? And it's hard to tell, but my helm has multiple horns jutting forward... Odd how well my pants go with the set, as they're greens off the AH that I've been wearing for ten levels or so. Hopefully the pants from the set will match as well.

Tomorrow I get to go to AV in a new bracket. Word is, it's the opposite of the endless losing bracket I had been in. (Seriously, nothing like being in AV for four hours and not having your XP bar move a single percent...)
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