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"short form"

You kids get off my lawn! *shakes cane*

While this post mentions WoW, it's not about WoW, so all you non-players don't need to run off!

There I was, happily online this morning, when some random WoW kid insults the whole group of us. "u r all morons" or something like that. Mostly I try to ignore this crap, because if I responded to it all the time I'd wear holes in my keyboard, but now and then I can't help it.

I responded back, politely suggesting that he spell correctly if he intended to call us stupid. (Polite, seriously! I find that gets the most amusing responses.) He replied that 'u' is just as acceptable as 'you' because it's a "short form" of the word.

ARG! *pulls hair out*

I can't imagine the trouble teachers must have with this crap. I bet they get essays full of "u", "r", "ur"...
Tags: random ranting, things that annoy thistles
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