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Because I love my friends list...

Because I love you all, I will not be taking part in LJ's Worst Idea Ever. Quote:

Your Journal - Your Money debuts

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Your Journal - Your Money, a joint program with Google AdSense that allows LiveJournal paid and permanent account holders around the world the chance to earn extra cash just by displaying ads on their journals.

Wow. Yes, LJ, please allow me to abuse my friends to make pennies a day! Pennies! (I hope you all are using adblock and noscript and all that good stuff so you wouldn't even see them if someone opted in to this...)


In better news: Yay new TV season! I made myself not watch House so I could download it and watch it when I can better concentrate on it, but Big Bang Theory is on now and I couldn't resist! <3 Eeee!

WoW: Meh. Rogue is at 74. AV is speedyfast XP, but so boring. AB was the BG daily today, which reminded me of how much I love AB. Too bad AV is lightyears better for XP and honor. (Speaking of honor: Got my third purple 80 piece today, too.)

I really, really enjoyed Brewfest. It's nice to have holiday events that are fun and not annoying 'just gotta get through this to get my reward *mumble*'. Had oodles of fun getting drunk and finding something high enough to jump off of to get my achievement. :D
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