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Yet Another WoW Post!

I used to not worry about posting endlessly about FFXI, but when I post lots of WoW stuff in a row I get annoyed with myself. Oh well! Last one for a while, then we'll get some normal posts in.

pomr pointed me to (FINALLY) official info about the AV nerf.

"The reduced experience in Alterac Valley is due to the fact that Battleground experience is based off of the level of the Battleground. Characters level 70-79 are no longer getting experience based on level 80 characters. As a result of this, we are now able to do an across-the-board increase to experience gains from all Battlegrounds in order to make sure that no Battleground feels too unrewarding in terms of experience. We have also made it so the experience bonus from heirloom items work properly in Battlegrounds."

A buff for all other BGs would be nice! I could go back to doing AB, which I like a lot. However, they still need to address the queue issue. In our battlegroup, one BG has still never once run since the patch (Isle). Problem is, it's also today's PvP daily. D:

Still rogue 75. Mostly I'm just doing fishing/cooking dailies and my rep quests for XP. I pop into AV now and then, but I don't have the patience for it anymore, not with sucky XP.

Got mining up to 375 last night, and engineering up to 325-ish. Alas I need to go back and mine more fel iron instead of skilling more, so engineering can catch up. Tonight's going to be lockpicking skilling though, zzz.
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