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WoW update

This could have lots of screenshots, but it's late and I'm tired, so let's make like 1990 and have text only!

I decided to go for the Leading the Cavalry achievement (get 50 mounts), so I got my albino drake. While it's pretty darned ugly, it's better than the wind riders, so... I keep drooling over netherdrakes, but I went through that on one alt and hated it endlessly, I'm not doing it again.

The key to getting Leading was to get to highest rep with those orcs in the Outlands. I thought that'd be a challenging task, but I went from 'can't even move from hated' (seriously, you had to do like three quest lines before it would let you take the quest to get to neutral) to highest in "three days" (two evenings and one morning, maybe nine hours total).

Hit 80 tonight. Was 56% into level and had a ton of purple armor waiting for me, so said fuck it and went into AV again. Luckily we won most of the matches, so in a few hours I was 80. I'm purple in almost every slot now, other than neck, back (will have that tomorrow), and rings. Back is next, then neck, and there's at least one good PvP purple ring. That leaves just weapons, but PvP weapons suck. However, I'm also pretty darned broke so I might just stay with what I have.

Once I leveled up I went though most of the BGs to see what it was like at 80. I'm not much liking having the whole BG being the same level as me. :( One on one, in a BG full of DKs and paladins, I do pretty poorly. Also, it amuses me to say "I hate trees", but druids are on my Most Hated Jobs list now, too. Blah. It depresses me how easily I die (even with my spiffy new purple armor!) and how poor I am at soloing others.

Unfortunately I'm now at the same point I was when Crowfeathers hit 80 -- what's the point? I'm not even feeling the need to finish pushing for my last purple pieces or to figure out this whole gem system (not how to use them, but putting the research into figuring out which ones I want and what the heck raw materials are needed so I can ask someone to make them for me). 100K honorable kills is no longer a goal I'm going for; I'm at 44K HK now and I'll be darned lucky if I make it to 50K.

I suppose sooner or later I'll be making another alt. Druid probably, because that'd make for fun RP. I just really, really, really don't want another Tauren (and Cata is too far away to wait for that). I think if I do make one, I'll have him ICly stuck in animal form so I won't have to RP a big ugly cow (again).

But! That leads me to an amusing story to close this post with! I've been poking my head into Moon Guard for the amusement of seeing how bad the 'best known for cybersex' server is... oh heck, I really should post the screenshot I took. Okay, here we go. There I was, innocently lurking around the tavern listening to this and that, when I got a whisper offering me ERP (erotic RP, cybersex, TS, etc) for gold. While this happened every time I logged on, this time was something new! It came from this druid and offered me sex in my choice of any of his animal forms! Ha ha ha. (See? I've grown wiser in my old age! I actually blurred out his name!) It's a wonder anyone actually gets turned on by this sort of thing (maybe NWS? Poor image of busty 'cartoon' women wearing little but not naked). That seems to be a typical night there (I've only been there three times though, so who knows).

Since I did those screenshots, I did a couple others. During the boss fight for Brewfest there was this heavy metal band playing. I caught a great shot of me as lead singer. :D

I love how my new armor looks! Very non-WoW-ish. No giant flaming shoulders, no bright flashy colors. My legs are still poorly shaped and my shoulders are a tad big, but all in all that's darned, darned better than WoW armor usually looks!

Albino drake -- what I want to know is why does he have so much green, orange, and black feet if he's supposedly an albino? And why the heck do they give drakes pinecone tails? Blah.

Talbuks, on the other hand, rock! I only got them (eight of them!) to get the achievement, but I find I'm liking them a lot. I love wolves more, but wolves are common and I see a whole lot fewer of these around.
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