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I can joust! (WoW)

My poor aching hand, but I did it! I figured out a way I can win at jousting! I keep my index finger on 4 (shields) and my pinky or ring finger on 1 (melee) and just spam the two of them -- ignore the icons, don't watch for the cooldowns (and try not to get annoyed at "I can't cast that yet!" in arrogant belf voice), just hit those two keys as fast as I can over and over. Stay on top of the other guy, when he moves back to charge, shield break him and then get back on top of him so he can't charge me.

My hand is killing me, took about a half-hour of that to beat the three people representing their race, but wow! I've never won before! :D

I know someone suggested this method before, but the problem had been I was watching the buttons so I could see when it cooled, so I was losing track of what the foe was doing. Woo hoo! Poor Crowfeathers is stuck as a low level jouster, but maybe Keen can become a champ! :D :D
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