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Song of Ice and Fire

Spammy Thistle is spammy tonight! But at least this post will be behind a cut to avoid spoilers.

Holy cow, how many main characters can he kill off in a chapter? As much as I have been avoiding spoilers, I saw one that Catelyn dies. I wasn't upset in the least, her chapters are the dullest ones in the book. But... but... Robb was killed, too! I didn't like him much, though he was interesting enough to read about, but he would have been the last person I thought would be killed! (Seriously, I had thought he was going to become a successful king and make it all the way to the end.)

Looking back on it, I'm amused at myself: I read the paragraph three times, thinking I must have somehow misunderstood something or the words "thrust a longsword into his chest and through his heart and twisted it" could somehow have multiple meanings. :P

Man, I love GRRM's willingness to kill characters off! And yay no more Catelyn chapters! (Though the same spoiler implied she might not stay dead... I'm not seeing how that would work, since they cut her throat, but I guess I'll see!)

Best Books Ever. If you haven't read the Song of Ice and Fire books, do it! They're so very unlike other books!
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