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More unexpected deaths... (Song of Ice and Fire)

Man, these books are killing me! In a good way! I couldn't sleep this morning, so I got up an hour early. I started in on my WoW dailies, but quickly got bored so went to read instead.

When GRRM killed off Robb, I figured we'd be stuck with Joffrey, he'd be the king forever, everyone would be unhappy (which would perfectly fit the books), the end.

Imagine my surprise when horrible awful Joffrey choked to death on his own wedding pie! Ha ha ha. The only annoying thing was I had to stop reading at the end of the chapter, with Cersei claiming Tyrion poisoned him. I really, really, really hope the characters will have enough sense to know better, but... bah!

I won't have time to read more until tonight, too. *whines and wiggles*

Once I was asked how I thought the series would end, and jokingly I had said "with every single main character killed off". More and more I'm coming to believe that might be true!
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