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Weekend roundup (WoW, Wii)

Very little went as planned this weekend. My Wii arrived on Friday (had been due today, so woo!)... but I couldn't get it hooked up. I think I need an AV switch thingie, so I'm going to hit Fry's at lunchtime today and grab one. Boo not being able to use it the whole weekend!

For those who asked me about Wii Fit and weight limits, I found a solution! Active Life Outdoor Challenge burns more calories and per the reviews is a lot more fun. Best of all, the pad you use with it has no weight limit at all! Alas I had already ordered Wii Fit Plus before I learned that, so now I'll have both.


WoW: I had a crapton of RL stuff to do this weekend, so I hadn't intended to play much... and ended up spending nearly every waking moment on the game. Bah. WoW isn't usually like that! Though this was unusual stuff, so...

Saturday I spent RPing, which would usually be a good thing, but the guy I was RPing with was below average and unfortunately there was no IC way for me to get out of the scene. Six and a half hours of RP with a 5-10 minute wait per pose, per 1-5 word pose. >< Lord knows how I didn't end up strangling the guy or making some kind of OOC comment.

Sunday was the Halloween event, which ate the entire day and I haven't even finished it. Trick or Treating around the world gets you about 800 gold, so I'm going to try to make time to do it on Crowfeathers as well.

Annoying Drama cropped up around the event: Guild made a Headless Horseman run, and I took part. Sword that both the hunter and I wanted dropped, so we both lotted Need... then her paladin RL husband lotted Need as well, saying outright "this is for (wife)". Paladin won it, gave it to her, then minutes later said "Oh, I could use one, too". B-fucking-S. Hunter got two people rolling Need to get her the sword. Husband was a guild officer, too (and top leader of the guild was on the run as well). No one had issues with this crap other than me. It's not that I even wanted the sword all that much (I like daggers), but it's just that it wasn't fair.

Anyway. I also finished jousting. As too often happens in WoW, when I won I just sort of blinked at the screen and said "That's it? I was expecting it to be harder...". Ha ha, after so many weeks of trying to beat it on Crowfeathers before giving up, it's cake now! Once I beat it on Keen, I logged Crowfeathers on to beat it on him as well, just because it had annoyed me so long on him.

I have to look up how many champ seal thingies it takes to buy the various mounts and pets and stuff to see if it's worth it farming them.

Ended Sunday night with eee good RP!
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