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No risk of me becoming a Shopaholic...

I hate shopping. I really, really hate shopping. All kinds of shopping. I'm starting to hate that damned Wii, too.

Spent my lunchtime going to Fry's. They had only one model of the switches I needed. $30. The prices on Amazon ranged from $5 to $15, plus overnight shipping would have been $15 -- I could have got the switch I wanted, saved myself the trip, for the same amount of money. Grrr.

Got home, spent the rest of my lunchtime hooking it up and testing it out. Still not working. I think I need another AV wire, though I'm not really sure. (My TV is old, it has no red/white/yellow AV ports. My setup runs through a VCR player and a PS2 (both so I can watch DVDs on the PS2), a cable box, a Tivo, and lord knows what else I have hooked up. Things are so hacked together I don't want to change too much in fear of everything stopping working.)

So now I get to stop at some electronics store on the way home to get another AV wire. Hopefully that will work. If not... I have no idea.

Stupid shopping, grrr.
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