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The Saga of Wii...

Since my TV was old and made by a company that's been shut down by the South Korean government, I decided to get a new one so I could (hopefully!) hook up the Wii. Warily searching around the net, I finally decided on this one. It has good reviews from a number of different sites, and so hopefully should do the trick.

Amazon was cheaper than local stores by a good $50 or so, which I figured would cover shipping, but I didn't really want a long delay in getting it. $30 for Amazon to 2-day ship it to me, which seemed good enough... then Amazon tempted me with a Prime account ($70 for free 2-day shipping on everything you buy for a whole year (and I shop endlessly on Amazon), but even more important: $3.99 per item overnight shipping). I got the Prime, thus paid $4 for the TV set to arrive tomorrow. Basically I broke even on that purchase alone, so I get Prime for the rest of the year for "free".

So, maybe tomorrow I might actually get to play! "Play", ha ha. I'm doing all this so I can exercise! Insane. :P
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