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Wii? Oui oui!

Yay! Everything's finally all settled! Picked up my new TV (OMG LOVE) and after that hookup was easy!

The TV is amazing. I was a little worried it'd be too small (some of the Amazon comments said it was smaller than people expected), but it's giant! I feel like it belongs in a movie theater. :P The picture sure is different though. Things like graphics, words, objects are amazingly clear, but people are a little off (fuzzy? Just not as sharp as I'm used to). I'm sure I'll get used to it!

Wii is going to do exactly what I wanted from it: Fun exercise! The sports were okay -- not OMG GREAT but not awful (other than bowling) at least for the games I tried. I liked boxing (pant pant), tennis was fun (but not so much pant pant), bowling was boring as hell (but I find the same for the RL game, so that doesn't surprise me).

Active Life: Outdoor Challenge is the best thing ever. It really gets you moving (walking/running in place, jumping in place if you're willing to do so), and it's fun! I've only done three of the twelve or so games, but they certainly got my heart going! (Alas I'm not about to jump in place, I have ankle problems and have to be careful about such things, so it makes some of the games harder to do and/or impossible to win.) I wonder if you're not supposed to wear sneakers when using the pad? I need to RTFM and check -- sneakers would be nice for support.

I didn't try Wii Fit Plus yet (I was tired before I even started, so I'm worn out now!).

I want to get some games that are just "fun" though, not aimed at exercise (even if those are fun, too). I'm kind of thinking something with sword fighting would be a lot of fun (I'm not into Star Wars, but I bet they have some sort of jedi fighting thingie).

Now I just have to get my apartment cleaned up! Soooooooo many boxes and packing material around. x.x

Edit: I grabbed Rune Factory: Frontier as my fun game. It looks like Animal Crossing with a dash of RPG thrown in! ...just with fewer talking animals.
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