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Weekend update: Arg, my arm!

I really, really like Wii boxing. That makes sense, as I had loved doing Tae Bo however many years ago that came out. Unfortunately, wow, my arm is killing me. My right hook seems to be rather deadly to those little Wii folks ("hook"? Correct term? Swinging low, so you end up hitting the guy's midsection from below), now my right arm feels like hell. Arm aching, wrist screaming, hand/fingers tingly and/or numb. No boxing for me tomorrow!

In WoW news, I finished my first world event, woot! Now I can be "the Hallowed".

Keen caught the Giant Sewer Rat in less than an hour of trying. That amused me as Crowfeathers has spent countless hours trying it.

Thack, my new druid, got the Halloween pet on the first try. I wanted to stab him (Keen tried hourly for days with no luck, finally got it on a HH run).

To kill time, I worked on random achievements on Keen. Got his axe skill up to 400 and throwing up to 399 (throwing's the last one for the achievement). Unarmed is 398. I'll finish both tomorrow.

Jousting is puttering along. Champ of Silvermoon and Org as of today, three left to go. x.x Amusingly I don't mind doing the jousting part, it's the 'kill 10 heroes and 15 cultists' thing that annoys me.

Thack will have no problems money-wise. I make about 600 gold twice a week or so through PvP (I have nothing to do with my honor points anymore, so I buy epic gems to sell on the AH).

*whine* Arm hurts too much, must stop typing!
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