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We have Wii! And RP! And WoW! And RL! And a technical question at the end!

This was going to be a long post, but now I'm sleepy and it's late, so we'll see how it goes!

Finally, finally, finally Wii works! I can't believe how much time and money I put into this. The costs for only exercise-related things (not games for fun).

Wii: $200
Extra set of controllers: $45
Active Life Outdoor Challenge: $55
TV: $400
Charger for the controllers: $20
Cables: $75 ($25 x3 -- none of these turned out to do the trick)
Switch box thingie: $25 (? might have been more)
Cable that finally worked: $15
Stand for the new TV: $150
Wii fit plus: $90 (which I haven't even opened yet, ha!)

That's a total of $1,075 just so I can exercise. Gah! Makes me think I should have just gone back to walking outside... (Though, to be honest, boxing is a lot more fun and gets my heart rate up more and I can do it inside in private.) I need more fun games though...

Turns out, though the new TV has many ports, it doesn't have the right ports I need (or the Wii didn't come with the right cables I needed...). I had to get a Wii HD cable thingie (with five colored ports instead of three (edit: 'ports' isn't the right term, the sticky things you stick into ports!) ) so I could use the HD input. The Wii doesn't need HD, but the only ports for the three colored one (white, yellow, red) was taken up by the cable from the cable box (or Tivo? one of the two) and I couldn't get Wii into that loop without breaking something else (and the switch box didn't work either). Anyway, finally! It works. Just between that cost and a week of vacation last week, I'm going to end up in the poor house.

RP: Yay RP! Got so much today, *pantpant*. I finally joined a new guild, though it was a hard decision. (I take the whole thing too seriously and feel like a guild should be my "forever home".) Should be fun though, even if I feel like a totally clueless person around them all. (All the ones I've met have like 3472740917401 level 80 characters and have been playing for years.)

RL: So very relaxed! It's amazing how enjoyable little things are now, like the luxury of being able to just sit down and read if I want to, or go out and have fast food for lunch (so bad, I know!).

I finished getting my apartment back in order today and doing all the laundry, so for the rest of the week I can just relax and try to catch up on WoW and my backlog of TV shows and such! :D

WoW is plugging along. Almost done with jousting on Keen, though I'll be grinding champ seals until the day I die. I finally, finally, finally learned to joust right! Not how I used to do it when I first successfully did it (meleeing with both of us with green shields the full time -- each match took forever!), I can now charge AND shield break at the same time! Wait for the other guy to back off, charge, then shield break as I circle around back to him! :D Now I can win quickly instead of taking forever!

I'm semi-sitting on my druid leveling. Seems like there's no use doing it until I get my heirloom chest piece for the extra +10% XP bonus. (He has the shoulders already.) He's 21, and somehow I didn't hate leveling in WSG for ten levels! In fact, I kind of liked it. I think druid is just OP there in the 10 bracket, where rogue was really rough. Travel form before others get mounts, and bear is amazing (at 21, I have more health in bear than a lot of 29s!). The only downside (which isn't, really) was that I had to hold the flag a lot. It was kind of cool, because I felt like *I* personally really made a difference; when I put effort into it, when I went out to cap the flag myself, we often won. If I slacked, we often lost. Cat form is fun, and travel form is great, but this time I'm falling in love with bear. (I hated bear the first time I leveled druid, in PvE.)

Tech question! My computer started doing something odd, just today. When I have a window forward, and I don't touch the keyboard or anything, somehow it's stopping being the most forward window even though it still looks to be (the button on the taskbar is in, the title bar is dark/active). It's the strange thing, even mid-typing it can stop being the forwardmost window, so in the middle of typing a sentence I'll start getting a Windows 'beep beep' error... Anyone heard of anything like that before? It's like an invisible window is coming forward, except the window that had been forward before doesn't stop looking like it's the forward/active one... (Virus scan is active and reports nothing.)
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