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Eee! *bouncies* RP! WoW and Song of Ice and Fire

First off: If I wanted to annoy my friends list, I'd make this in 100 point font size, flashing neon yellow with a background of pink sparklies: I love my guild! Oh My God, I finally found MU*-quality level RP on WoW! My favorite thing in RP is when I don't OOCly know what's going on -- don't know what the real truth is, don't know who to trust. Some people want to know all that and enjoy their RP just fine, but if my character doesn't know then I don't want to either.

At this point in time, it's just so crazy! My character is in a relationship with someone who may or may not be evil and/or insane. The woman who is trying to help him is in a relationship with an evil person, so is the woman really helping him or getting info for her evil relationship person? There are levels and levels of trust issues and conflict and power issues all within the guild... and our guild is well enough known that others are often making organized attacks on our members (we're kind of an evil bad guy guild, sort of). So while we're dealing with all this internal stuff, we currently have external people hunting us down!

I'm loving it just so very very much. Twice now I've stayed up an hour past bedtime to play more! zzzz

WoW: I was bad today and played well past the point of being annoyed with the game. I hadn't realized that you needed to be exalted with AC (not just be done with all the jousting) to use the AC vendor. Grrrr. No XP+ chest piece for me! So I set about to questing. I hate questing. While I was doing AC, I noticed that Ebon Blade was mixed in, so I could do that and get a spiffy tabard for RP (it looks good with my armor!). I spent nearly six hours questing today. I did the fricking annoying questline that I hated in (troll place in Northrend that I'm not going to look up the spelling of). I hated it when I did it for XP, I hated it now.

Anyway, speaking of WoW things I hate, new guild dragged me to some heroics thing. I sucked so much ass, I hated it... I had thought I sucked so badly that they wouldn't ask me again, but they did today (but this time they took no for an answer).

I used to think the WoW battle system was so much easier than FFXI's, but it's really just different. What the fricking hell is it about standing in things? Don't stand in the fire! Don't stand in the glowing purple stuff! Don't stand in the pools of snake vomit! How the heck can you do your jobs and watch your icons and timers and crap when you need to watch where you're standing? Blah.

Funny/sad thing: I spent a good number of minutes today trying to remember how the FFXI [pos] (with pointy brackets) system worked. I couldn't for the life of me remember what sort of info was in the brackets to tell people where things were! Ha ha. I can't believe I've forgotten so much...

Song of Ice and Fire: I can't say book #4 (crows) sucks, but... god. It's just... what the hell happened? I'm about 300 pages in, and it's like it doesn't belong in the series at all. What the hell happened to the storyline? What about the Others? The north? All the fricking chapter characters? Now we have chapters for The Fallen Knight, The Queenmaker, The Dog On The Corner. I mean what the hell. Cersei as a chapter character is killing me. She's insane, she's power hungry, she's stupid. I get it. Holy crap, seeing that first hand is just so damned annoying.

The whole fricking Iron Islands/Greyjoy stuff can go jump in a lake. The religious crap annoys me. The plotline is dull.

Brienne is the only good thing about the entire book so far.

I skimmed through the rest of the book. Not one single Tyrion chapter that I could find. WTF? He was the best chapters in the first three books.

If book #5 is like this, it might put me off the whole series...
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