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I hate Thanksgiving (WoW)

I don't suppose this holiday would be very annoying for non-rogues. I hate costumes. If you like them, yay for you -- different people like different things. I very, very, very much dislike having things forced onto me. Like costumes. I bet I was turned into a turkey more than a hundred times today. And yes, I know you can just click it off, but... grrrrrr. They should at least set it up that if a rogue gets turned into a turkey by someone that the rogue gets credit towards the accomplishment, too.

Seriously. This annoyed me all day long. Middle of a serious RP scene? Turned into a turkey. In the middle of PvP? Turned into one. Fishing? Turned into one. Standing around Dal? *makes turkey noises*

Thanks to FFXI, I was stressed the heck out over this event to begin with (world events on FFXI used to be nothing but generally annoying at best, horrible stesssy time-wasters for no reward at worst). I always expect things on WoW to be worse than they really end up being.

Event rocks for a mule with no cooking skill. I did 1-325 cooking nothing but (basically free) Thanksgiving stuff in about an hour.

Other than that, things are going on. Some of the newness has worn off the guild and I'm no longer "OMG I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!", but it's still worth staying in. RP happens; some days I get great RP, most days I get meh RP. But really, so long as I get a hit RP daily, I'm happy enough. New plot foo might be opening around my character, which could be interesting.

Tomorrow or the next day I'll have the rep with AC/jousting to get my XP chest piece for my druid (currently 25 -- only thing I'm doing is the PvP daily on him, so it's slow).

I finally finished engineering on Saturday. 'Finally' because I had totally forgotten it existed. 430-450 in a sitting. I was expecting a lot worse than it was. If I remember FFXI crafting correctly (big 'if', amusingly enough), the end of engineering was about level 30 challenging crafting on FFXI: Starting to get slightly annoying, but nothing really too bad. Once done I made all sorts of toys, including my favorite, a wormhole to death Northrend. (Luckily I've turned my cloak into a parachute.)

I may or may not do JC next on him. He really has no second profession now (herb, about level 100 or so).
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