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WoW foo & Song of Ice and Fire

I never post about WoW since I seem to do little post-worthy.

Still doing the jousting dailies (zzz) got 2/5 pets, will have third one tomorrow. May work on a mount after that. Or mounts.

Started doing Oracles dailies. Man, I hate them so much. Such annoying quests. Blah.

I made myself a Turbo-charged flying thingie. Not sure if I like it more than my drake or not, but it's rarer so I suppose I'll make it my main flying mount.

Amusing if blurry moment in AB:

"Thebarn has assaulted the stables!"

Most of what I do in WoW is RP! Yay! Most of my RP is fighting to retake or defend my beloved wagon in Murder Row of Silvermoon. Heehee. Kae and I often fight over it... bloodily -- art by Kae!

A fellow who shares the wagon (but makes no claims on it, so gets stabbed less often) drew my character Keen. Eee! The heart over his head amused me, since we kissed later that night. :P


Song of Ice and Fire: I'm so close to giving up on book #4. It's become "I have to get through this book", not any sort of enjoyable reading. It's gotten so bad that I skim boring chapters and skipped an entire one (fricking Iron Islands, I don't care!).

First time I almost stopped reading was when the Hound was confirmed dead. Know what? The wonder of being willing to kill off your main characters fades after the 743873134730104th time you do it. Then, when Brienne seemed dead, I was ready to not just stop reading, but toss the book out a window. Two of the very, very few characters I like in the entire book, dead.

For the first time ever, I spoiled myself on purpose. I skimmed ahead, looking for more Brienne chapters. I spotted one, so at least maybe she's not dead... or she's just going to die slowly.

At least I'm almost done with the book, just a few more chapters to go. I have so many books piled up waiting to be read -- five arrived in the last week alone! Arg!
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