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Grumble, mumble, birthday...

The only thing I really wanted for my birthday today was a free meal and a normal day.

Went to work, then went to the Chinese food place that had the 'Free meal on your birthday!' sign that I noticed months ago. Ate, when the check came smiled and told them it was my birthday. Was told the meal is free only when you come with three other adults and a child (WTF?). Blah, no free meal.

Okay, so how about the normal day? Tuesday is WoW patch day, so of course the game was down until 11 AM. It's 3.3 patch day, so of course that downtime got extended an hour.

It's now 6 PM and I still cannot log on. I've been sitting here trying for three fricking hours. *rubs face*

The only thing I wanted to do today was get my dailies done and get a little RP in. Apparently that's too much to ask for. Mumble.

It's so darned cold, too. High today was 50, there was frost on the ground this morning. (Nearly slipped on the ice in the parking lot at work...) Very un-California weather. Blah.

Stupid, annoying WoW. Most other players are able to log on, I'm part of a select few who cannot. Grrrrrrrrr.

Edit, hours later: Eventually got on, woot. Had just enough time to frantically do my dailies before bed. zzz

PS: Lips are chapped. Hurt!
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