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Comcast sucks, "Up" does not.

I know it's beating a dead horse, but Comcast sure does annoy me sometimes. In my continuing months-long battle to make the darned Wii work, the final thing I did was upgrade my Tivo to a series 3 HD one. Unfortunately, unknown to me, using a cable card instead of a cable box was not an option, it was required. Thus, a call to Comcast.

Nearly two weeks later, repair guy showed up. Waved off the Tivo directions I tried to give him, put in the card. Didn't work. He told me to run through the Tivo set-up again, but since that would take a half-hour, he couldn't wait to see if that fixed it.

Raise your hand if you're surprised that that didn't fix it. So I called in, was on hold another 30 minutes, and they sent another guy out. Then another. Then another. Finally one showed up with a card that actually worked, but he said it would take about an hour for Tivo to download all the info it needed to actually work. It was 5:30 by then and I was sure he was just blowing me off so he could go home, but surprisingly that did actually work.

So: Woo woo! After all this time, everything is finally set up and working! HD TV, Wii, DVD player, and Tivo. Now, so long as I never buy a new piece of equipment again, I'll be all set! :P


I was half-interested in Up when it first came out, but it got a lot of bad word of mouth online, so I eventually just skipped it. What in the world were all those people thinking?! I loved nearly every moment of that movie! So sad! So touching! So much character evolution! I teared up a bunch of times -- it's amazing how sad it could be in such subtle ways (like the couple not being able to have a baby, and when his wife first got sick and couldn't walk up the hill -- that nearly killed me!).

The second half of the movie was a whole lot different than the first, but I had no issues accepting the house being floated around by balloons and a bunch of "talking" dogs (only thing that bothered me was the dogs flying the fighter planes... and I have no clue why since I was able to accept the dogs cooking and serving drinks and such). I really did love the dogs, they stayed so realistically doggy while still being able to talk.

Such a sad movie though, which made the happy ending even happier. :)

I really need to post about WoW on day. Been dragging my feet on editing screenshots...
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