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My sword, let me show you it (WoW)

One of the reasons I don't post many WoW screenshots is that they generally look like crap. Doesn't matter what format I save them in, they look fuzzy and blah. That means it will be hard to show off my new sword, but I can try!

Prettiest sword ever! It has a general blue glow to it, then bluer 'lightning' bits shoot out of it, and those dark bits are always flowing outward, so it looks like the sword is breaking up... in a sexy way!

This isn't my screenshot, but you can find a better image of it here. The blades under the enchantment are similar, though not exactly the same. Enchant Weapon - Executioner is responsible for the whole effect, the blade was not glowy at all before that.

580 gold for a RP weapon, but eee I love it so much! I almost wish I could have put it on one of my main weapons so I could see it all the time, but I wasn't sure if armor penetration rating would make people laugh at me, plus I think it's going away? Plus my weapons already had glows before enchantments, and I learned the hard way that when you enchant an already glowing weapons, the original glow stays as well.

Yay pretty sword!

Also: Finished up Sons of Hodir rep today (15th rep, so got an achievement for it), and bought one of the two mammoths (1K one, still need the 8K one). Started Cenarion Expedition rep, since they have a mount as well. Sooner or later I'll have to do Netherwings again (ugh) as they'll be the last rep I need for mounts...

Bought an authenticator RL. Hate how they slow down the login process, but I'm so worried about being hacked even though I'm careful as I can be online.
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