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No spoilers outside the cut, minor ones behind it. (Edit: Comments have big spoilers!)

I wish I had had some kind of a counter in my head to see how many times I said the word 'cool'. "That's so cool!" "That's just plain cool!" "That's too cool!" That's so fucking cool", etc. Seems like I was saying a phrase like that to myself every second.

I loved the details. The computer screens (? displays?) were just so damned cool, they made me fall in love with the movie and things just got better from there. I've always disliked those 'people in a giant fighting robot' animes, but man, that was just too fucking cool in the movie. The animals! Oh my god, the animals. The world-building. Second best movie in my whole life based on wow/cool factor. (First was Jurassic Park.)

A small funny bit: When we first saw the floating islands of land with the waterfall coming off it? I blinked, having seen that before. Then I laughed. 'Welcome to Nagrand!" *snicker* (Non-WoW people: It looked just like a zone in WoW.)

The movie wasn't perfect (plot-wise at least). I wish the language of the natives hadn't sounded exactly like a Native American language. The bad guy was really bad. Eh, poor-bad. He needed a ton more fleshing out (complex bad guys, please!). I disliked the ending quite a bit... though that makes it sound strong, still a really great movie.

The ending bugged me a lot, that "nature" (or whatever that god's name was) ended up saving the day. I really disliked the bad guy a lot, not just because he was the bad guy, but because he was a poor character. Um, I thought I had more spoilers than that!

Two last notes!
1) The movie confirmed that yes, I really have developed a fear of heights. OMG, I was gasping at some places and wanted the main character to drop down and clutch the ground and close his eyes and OMG so high! :P
2) I really don't like seeing movies in theaters. Seriously and totally don't. I'll do it for event movies like this, but in general? $16 to get in (movie and glasses only, and you had to give the glasses back). $6.50 for popcorn. (Thankfully I bought my own water.) Uncomfortable seats. No pausing the movie if you need to go to the bathroom. Too many other people there. Too much time to watch it (I got there 40 minutes early to get a good seat, then there were 20 minutes of commercials/trailers before the movie...)

So, all in all, amazingly highly recommended! Wow, just wow.

Oh! And Vel asked about the Imax aspect of it. It was just a normal movie screen (maybe a little bigger? If so, not much), but the sound was amazing. Can't say if it was amazingly bad or amazingly good. I'm rather deaf now, but bigger than that, it vibrated in my chest really disturbingly. I've never experienced anything like that before, but I did worry multiple times if such violent vibrations in your chest could trigger a heart attack. :P
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