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Cooking: Cheesy Baked Chicken

I decided to give cooking another try this weekend, so on Friday I looked for some recipe that wouldn't be too challenging and also looked like it'd taste good. Cheesy Baked Chicken seemed to fit the bill.

Got home with all the ingredients and pondered the recipe. Hm. An entire sleeve of Ritz crackers and a whole bag of shredded cheese for two to three boneless breasts? Seemed like a hell of a lot of both.

I crushed up half a sleeve and just sprinkled cheese on top (enough to cover the breasts, but that was no where near the entire bag). Into the oven!

It ended up semi-okay. Didn't taste bad, didn't taste good. Sure as heck didn't taste cheesy. Tasted a whole lot like soggy Ritz crackers. Would not make again, but I ate this batch of it.

Have tons more breasts. Will make more tomorrow with mmm chinese BBQ sauce (can't remember the name of it), and more breasts are in the freezer for some other attempt. (Safeway had a sale and I got a package of 6 boneless breasts for $5; darned things are giant, too!)
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