Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

My LJ was reviewed. How odd.

Wow, someone reviewed my LJ. That's strange, but cool.

Amidst the massive numbers of BLogs out there, “Thistle-Chaser,” has found a friendly little corner within the community. This personal web log, with its pink-tinted anime background and lioness user picture, consists mainly of short entries with no apparent theme. Each entry is an entirely different entity about an entirely different topic. Everything from pondering the purchase of HBO to concerns over a fast car that “makes a really, really bad noise” find their way into this personal journal.

What attracts me to this journal is its personal nature. Granted, many journals can have that quality, but “Thistle-chaser” has taken a template and created an entirely unique space where her thoughts are published. If this had been a real paper bound diary, you could just image that this writer would have decorated the front cover and inner pages until she had created a truly unique piece of work. The actual written content also mirrors this “personal” style. The randomness from entry to entry creates a sense that this author uses this Blog for simple acts of individual expression. She’s not afraid of what people think, as her entry Disagree? *Click* *BANG!* Bwahahaha! seems to indicate. This brash individualism makes her journal fun to read, because you can’t really guess what the next entry will be, or what it will say, but you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be an honest expression on some random topic. (End cut.) or go to the URL.

Only thing I disagree with in it is that my journal is *not* pink (ick ick ick). It's sort of... brownish.
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