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Pizza rec!

It had been about eight years since I had last ordered Domino's pizza. It was horrible stuff, about the lowest quality pizza you could get. So, when I saw the new commercials "We know our pizza sucks! We've improved it!" I just snickered and rolled my eyes and figured it was meaningless.

Then I saw a post on my flist saying they tried the new pizza and it was good. Not just better, but good. Hm.

I have no good pizza around me. Delivery is basically just Pizza Hut and one local Mexican pizza place (seriously, the pizza comes with packets of hot sauce...). So I decided to try it.

Bad first impression: Trying to order online took me 20 minutes and the site had countless errors. When I finally, finally seemed to make it work and tried to submit my order, it told me there was an error and I had to call in my order. At least it gave me the phone number in the error! ...the wrong phone number.

Eventually I got my order placed, and in a half-hour or so the pizza arrived. My first complaint was an odd one for delivery pizza: It was too hot! Fresh out of the oven hot. Impressive!

Once it cooled enough not to remove a layer of skin from the roof of my mouth, I ate a slice. Not only was it better than it had been, it was good. Then I got to the crust at the end of the slice. OH MY GOD, best stuff ever! So garlic-y and good! I couldn't seem to taste the garlic flavor much on the part of the slice with the cheese and toppings, but I gobbled up every last bit of that crust! (Usually I'm the type who leaves the outside crust behind on my plate.)

So, if you're lacking in good pizza, you might want to give Domino's a try. It's not the best pizza on the planet, but it's darned good for delivery and much better than any frozen pie I've had.
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