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I'm so tired because I'm an idiot (and my brain sucks, too)

I know how rough it is to be exhausted at work, so a year or so back I decided to try to be really firm about making it to bed on time. Unfortunately for me, this requires me logging off an hour before bedtime (both to get ready for bed and to wind down so I can sleep).

Last night some really, really good RP was going on, and I got all "*whine whine* But everyone else can stay up, why can't I? *whine*" in my head, so I stayed an hour and a half late. I intended to hop right into bed after that, but of course I was so keyed up... I ended up doing the usual hour of trying to relax anyway. Then I couldn't fall asleep. Then I couldn't stay asleep.

Know how annoying it is when you're exhausted, it's the middle of the night, but your damned brain wakes you up every 15 minutes exactly to check if it's time to get up? Then, of course, I snapped awake an hour before I had to get up, no hope of returning back to sleep.

If I got a total of two hours sleep last night, I'd be surprised.

Sure was good RP though. :D
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