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Pizza and WoW and RPing and eee and some bitching too! YOU WANT IT, I GOT IT

My WoW friends are such bad influences on me. I used to never ever ever ever type in all caps, I hated it endlessly. NOW I DO IT ALL THE TIME FOR EFFECT Arg! *slaps own hands* Next thing you know, I'll be using "lol". lo-- Eh, Heehee!

Sometimes I wonder about that. My complete and utter unending hatred of "lol". Storytime, kids! Back when the Internet was new, when it actually took skill and know-how to get online, no one used lol and the like. Then AOL opened its doors and suddenly anyone and everyone could get online. All these new people were (forgive me) less than skilled. They could not type. They had no experience, they were younger, etc. Everyone knew AOLers because they were the ones who started the whole "lol" thing. So, if someone used "lol", it was a sign that they were generally stupid and/or annoying.

However, that was... lord, how many years ago now. Crap, could it have been 18 years ago? (I'M NOT THAT OLD! D: D: ) Anyway. Long, long time ago. And I've never gotten over it, seeing "lol" makes me twitch and frown. (So imagine my experience on typical message boards and games and stuff!) Why have I never gotten over that? If it really has been that long (and I think it has), then... that's like ... just crazy.

Anyway! Enough cranky old person shaking cane at all the kids on his grass.

Pizza: I feel the need to make a second report on the changes in Domino's. I ordered again last night and it was crap. Seriously. 100% different than my first report on them. Somehow it was cold, even though they delivered in about 15 minutes. "Extra cheese" is not 'barely enough cheese to cover it'. The edges of the crust were still good (mmm, garlic-y), but the rest of the pizza was trash. And please, someone tell me how "two pizzas with two toppings for $5.99 each" deal, when nothing else is ordered, comes to $20. Sheesh delivery charges!

WoW: I'm a little stresspuppy, short and stout. Here is my handle-- Wait, no, that's not right. Anyway, I'm letting the game stress me, which is VERY NOT GOOD. So! I'm going to attempt to reduce my "workload". Cooking and fishing dailies on my main, move stuff through the AH, and polar bear mount daily. PvP daily on my DK if possible. Jousting dailies can take a flying leap! ...unless I need to fill time.

RP/WoW: I count myself so lucky that I've fallen in with a wonderful group of RPers. I get good RP daily, which keeps me going. Such a wonderful, disfunctional group of (mostly) DKs. :D

While I hadn't wanted to get big into one-on-one RP again (though it isn't really, since I haven't pulled him off WoW and onto IM), I have a most wonderful RP partner! He rocks at RPing, but more than that he spoils me OOCly: He sends me daily logs of all his RP! (Can you imagine, logging RP on WoW? Not only that, he cleans the logs, cuts out spammy OOC, leaves funny OOC in a faded color, adds footnotes, HTMLizes it all up... It must take him forever! And it really helps get me through my work day. :) )

The only downside to my daily delivery of logs is how much it depresses me. It kills me that RP goes on for hours and hours after I go to bed. I get the most childish whining in my head. "But they can stay up, why can't I?" It's stupid to compare myself to them. I suspect they're mostly college kids. But... It's not fair! I want to stay up and RP, too! D:

I've been bad about my sleep again, which just makes me whine more. Cut my sleep shot for WoW on both Sunday night and last night, so I'm dead tired now. My RP has been suffering for it, too. D: I DON'T WANNA SUCK! D: (Doesn't help that my character is challenging to play. He's ultra fixed on rank/status, so how he words his dialogue is really important. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it, but it changes based on the rank of the person he's talking to. Example! If talking to a senior "I would do this for you", if a junior "You will do this for me". It's, like... (WORK BRAIN!) ...who the focus in the sentence is is what's important. Blah. IT MAKES SENSE IN MY HEAD! (Edit: Rereading that, that's a really sucky example, but I can't think of a better one! It's not the offer/command difference in the sentences, it's the... focus...)

...bad all caps. Also! One last thing! I'm posting less here now, I know. I've been posting a nightly IC blog, which gets my blogging bug out of me.

Now, to catch up on my flist! <3 you all!
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