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What's that period in life called, when a woman suddenly MUST HAVE BABY NOW?

That's me, but it's cats and not babies. Three nights in a row now (THREE!) I've had dreams where I somehow ended up with a lot of cats. And by "lot" I mean 6-8 of them. In my dreams I'm always endlessly happy with so many cats, and just as importantly my current cat is happy with them.

So unrealistic! My cat and I have been living alone together (no other people or animals of any kind) for many, many, many years, there's no way my poor old kittygirl would be happy if I brought new cats in now. Plus, could you imagine the catbox work/smell made by 6-8 cats? Ugh!

I think this all started when I went to the petstore for more food. They had an adoption center and there was this lovely older female cat. So small, such a pretty shade of grey. She watched me through the glass, she seemed to want contact, but I couldn't risk asking to hold her otherwise I would have brought her home.

All this is further complicated by how hard it would be to bring another cat into the household. Mine gets no vaccinations anymore because she got cancer from them. (This is not some wacky thing where a parent won't get their kids vaccinated, it's a proven, accepted-by-vets, fact that feline vaccines caused a really aggressive, highly fatal form of cancer. 90-95% of cats who got it died, so I'm very very lucky mine didn't.)

Don't panic if you own a cat, they've changed how they give vaccines. Before they always did it in the scruff of the neck -- a horrible, horrible place for tumors to form (hello spine! hello brain!). Now they give them in legs, since those can be cut off as needed (wow, what a horrible statement, even if it's true). Plus they rotate between limbs; part of the cancer issue was that it was always given in the same spot year after year.

Anyway, I ramble! Today's message is: YAY CATS! And let's hope I always have the sense and willpower not to become a crazy cat hoarding person.
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