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Six Feet Under and... stuff.

I suck. Apparently the new season started last week, and I missed it.

Cable guy came on Saturday, and so now I get HBO again (instead of just paying for it and not getting it). That's kinda a keen thing.

Been a long day. I'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow. Vacation starts at noon on Thursday. Question is, can I make it until then?

That stupid 'I Do' Saturn Ion commercial makes me want to get married. I don't want to live with someone, I don't want to have to deal with all... that. I don't even like weddings and getting all dressed up. But when I see that ad, it makes me sign and long for it. I want a beautiful white dress, a crowd of happy people surrounding me and whoever the guy in the white suit is, I want flowers thrown at us, all that... Whoever Saturn uses to make their ads should get a raise and then be shot. Stop making me want something I don't really want!

At Mallen's pokings, I tossed Saturn an email to ask about the song. They said the song was made for them and never used elsewhere, which is totally wrong. It's in weddings all the time. Bah.

Normally I'd get some misplaced wish like this out of my system by RPing it. Maybe after my vacation is finally over I can get back to RPing again... but the question is, is Grayson ready to get married? ;) Heh heh heh.
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