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Computer update

I think it's been a week since I got my new computer. I'm sort of getting used to it, I have most things reinstalled by now.

I rather like the window preview thingie when you hover over the task bar buttons. The search window in the start menu is surprisingly handy, I find myself missing it on my work machine (XP).

However, I still have some really odd behavior. Freshly rebooted machine, open two Firefix windows. Change no text size.

Window one:

Window two:

(Edit: Okay, that's odd. These screenshots look different than they did in Photoshop and in Window's image viewer program. Both are much bigger. The smaller text is perfectly readable here, but on my end, outside of the screenshot, it's like size 6 font or so. And yeah, I had the images at only 100% in Photoshop...)

Yes, those are two different websites, but on my old machine all text input windows had the same font size (matching the rest of the window's).

Web pages do the same thing. Open three Firefox windows and I'll have one with size 8 font, one with some "normal" size (12-ish), and one really large one, all from a reboot, adjusting nothing.

I wonder if this is a wacky Firefox issue and not Windows 7? Let's see! Nope, I can reproduce it on IE, so it's not Firefox.

It's really a rather annoying issue. I'm constantly resizing any window I want to read, and the tiny little input window font gives me a headache.

Not a problem but just an odd behavior: When I log one WoW character off, for a second when it moves from that world closing to the character selection screen, WoW vanishes for a second, then the window reappears with the selection one showing.
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