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President's Day -- no power to the people!

The good: Having the day off from work!

The bad: Having no electricity!

Stupid summer, stop approaching so fast! The birds have started making their return. Between them and the cat, I was up at dawn every day of the long weekend. zzz

So, this morning, up at dawn. Showered, did morning stuff, sat down at the computer, started having fun... POOF! Electricity gone!

WTF? Called the electric company. "Sorry, you're not a customer of ours." Buh? Apparently they have an old phone number of mine or something, and I couldn't give them my account number since I do all my payments online with them...

In the hours and hours of no power I hunted down old checkbooks, old enough that I had still been paying them with checks. Account number on check = called them back. And back. And back. Kept getting messages "we know there's no power, blah blah blah, power will be back on or we'll have another estimate by...".

By noon it was still down, so went out for lunch and to try to get gas. Discovered this wasn't just my block or neighborhood without power! Eventually found a place open for lunch, but gave up on finding somewhere to sell me gas (three stations tried, all couldn't sell with no power).

By this afternoon we had power back. Whew. Sure was boring without it!
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