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Again: So happy people can't see me doing this! (exercise)

Even though I had four different exercise-type things to do, I was getting bored of them. I've come to hate my TaeBo DVD, so that's really one less. (The instructor is annoying, and even though he's been doing exercise DVDs for 20 or so years now, he still does not do the "mirroring" thing -- when he calls out to go right, he goes to his right, so to the viewer it looks like when he calls right we should go left. On top of that (I suspect because he's so religious and that comes across in the DVD), the background exercisers are... shall we say... less than inspiring. Could they cover any more skin? Could they look any less sexy? I'm not saying that an exercise video should be porn, but if I actively don't want to look at the background people, there's something wrong.)

So! Hitting up Amazon, I went crazy and bought four new DVDs to use. They just arrived yesterday, so I did the first one this morning: The Samba Reggae Workout! What crazy, fun exercise! Check out a sample video of it: sexy women and live drums!

The cover image on that link must be heavily photoshopped, she's not that skinny. I have no idea how to correctly describe her, in my head I used "thick" -- I'm not sure if it's all muscles or just how she's made (or probably both). Such a satisfying thing, not having a stick-thin instructor! She's sexy as hell, but not a twig.

Her background dancers make me drool. Seriously.

The live drums in the background are the best thing ever! So exciting to watch and listen! So interesting!

I'm happy I did the Bollywood dancing stuff first, because that made me see that yeah, I'm totally not going to get these moves the first time through. Or the tenth time. But eventually I should mostly generally get it! And what fun moves this DVD has! (But, again, so happy no one can see me doing them...)

The other DVDs I got were a hip hop dancing-for-exercise one, an "Urban Street" one (hope it's not redundant with the hip hop one), and a guilty pleasure: So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk. No clue if the last one will be good or not, but I love So You Think You Can Dance, so I had to get it to try it out!

These DVDs are surprisingly cheap (generally $9.99 each), so if I get bored with these in a couple months it'll be easy enough to get more!
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