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Exercise & WoW

Man, and I really posting less than once a week now? It's been ten days since my last update! Perhaps good news on that front: The random LJ image sites have started working again! Woo woo! Perhaps I'll find some wild and wacky stuff to post.

Exercise: Dance Fitness for Beginners with MaDonna Grimes: Urban Street Heat isn't exactly what I thought it would be. Picture hiphop taught by your mother, set to the most bland and inoffensive music possible, with background dancers who the most rural midwestern farmer wouldn't glance twice at.

That being said, it's embarrassing that I can't keep up with the instructor. She must be nearly 50, but she moves so fast! Ha ha. ...hmmmm, maybe her name was supposed to be a clue as to her age. "MaDonna", Ma Donna?

Hopefully the other urban dance DVD will be better. (I've done the samba one twice now, I love that one!)


In WoW world, I've started doing instances! After "hating" them for as long as I've been playing WoW, I've actually been having fun doing them. And by "hating" I mean my usual "I've never (tried|done|eaten) that, but I know I hate it!". They're so nice and short compared to things like FFXI Dynamis (heh, I had to google to make sure I spelled that right!). I've only done them with friends so far, I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to try it with randoms. WoW culture is so different, it still shocks and hurts me when some random stranger I've never before spoken to /whispers that my armor sucks. I just so totally don't understand how that's an okay thing to do... (Plus, I'm mostly in purples (and not even PvP purples!), so I'm not sure why it sucks. Sure lots of things could be improved, and my trinkets and one ring are still green, but "sucks" seems kind of harsh...).

Last night we did HoR with the Lich King chasing us. That was great fun! :D Especially since ICly my character wants to go back to him... Luckily we were doing the run OOCly, otherwise it would have been dooooooom.

The other WoW thing I've been wanting to write about is the inscription profession. As I wanted my latest character to be herbalism (for my other character's alchemy), it seemed a logical choice to make inscription his second profession. (PS: WRONG! Having two professions which requires tons of herbs sucks.) Anyway, I did a crapton of research, got all the addons set up to do mass-glyph-making, did everything "right". All these sites claim that people make a thousand gold a day (with no effort!) making glyphs. I've had friends who said they made a ton of gold that way, too. Someone somewhere is smoking crack, and it's not me. I have a number of professions I make good money on, one of them DOES make more than a thousand gold a day, but it sure as hell is not inscription. In the work:profit ratio, inscription is far and away the very worst.

I should give up on making money from it (it's not like I need the gold anyway), but it annoys me that I took it this far and the money's just not there. It really is a crapton of work too, even with addons to auto-cancel things when you're undercut, find the most profitable ones to make, etc.

Speaking of addons! Part of why I like instancing now is DBM. I really, really don't understand how that isn't cheating ("MOVE! RIGHT NOW! YOU'RE STANDING IN POISON!" "TURN AROUND! GAZE-ATTACK COMING!"), but it sure does make things easy. Part of why I hadn't wanted to instance was that I knew I'd end up standing in fire or something, but man... no one worries about that? Everyone has this addon telling them what to do? I should have gotten it sooner!
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