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Random LJ images!

Never in my life have I saved so many images with "poop" in the file name.

Related to that fact: Most of the images behind the cut are from Japan.

Related to those facts: NWS images behind the link! I've mentioned 'Japan' and 'poop' so far, so you can decide for yourself if these will risk breaking your brain. Only the brave should click!

Let's start out with something mild. Everyone loves Disney!

Now let's ease into the Japanese ones...

Grandma! What a big spleen you have! omnomnom?

This one was my first find of the night, and set the tone for things to come. If you're confused as to what's happening here, check the image's file name...

NOTE: Don't forget, Japanese is read from right to left! Read all comics starting on the right hand side of the page!

Oddly, I came across two different comics about poop. I'm not reposting the whole things here (one was 30+ pages!), but here are the best? worst? parts.

Comic #2 was about girls who were born from cows with computer brains (really), they... well, read for yourself:

So they're being used in a war...

A Japanese one is shot down, wounded, an American one finds her...

(This is the 30+ page one.) The story goes on and on about how the two cannot have sex because their atoms are opposite (Japanese/non-Japanese). But love-- eh, poop finds a way!

And a way, and a way, and a way...

Which, probably for the best, leads to the end of the world.

The end!

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