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MMOs, Movies, and Orange Chicken

Even FFXI didn't have a wait like this! I finished my Nobles Deck this morning. The fair ended Sunday. I have to wait an entire month to get my greatness card! D: A month is forever in WoW time -- who knows if I'll even be still playing Haken by then! (Ha ha, probably, but still.)

I was thinking about pugs this morning. (Pick Up-Groups, for non-WoW folks. Partying with random people.) I'm kind of surprised how well they've all gone. Silent, but I rather like silent. I know some people complain when there's no chatting in pugs, but no chatting works for me -- go in, get the job done, collect your badges, go on with your day. I've not died once (knock on wood!) and my health went down a noticeable amount just a couple times.

It's funny, but I keep having... I don't know how to describe it. Worries that things will change. Dungeons are so fast, I keep worrying it's going to turn into something like Dynamis where it takes hours. I did eight heroic dungeons yesterday, and I bet all of them together still took less time than one Dynamis.

Still, it kills me that I have to wait a whole month for my card. D: +90 strength is going to rock.

Movies: On Saturday I saw Moulin Rouge for the first time. All this time I thought that movie would annoy the living hell out of me (based on that one song, Lady Marmalade or whatever it's called). Turned out, I loved it to death. The way song lyrics were used as dialog, the song choices, all of it. I want to see it again, paying more attention to it (this first viewing I was doing laundry and stuff during it).

I'm also semi-watching Book of Eli. Completely opposite of Moulin Rouge, I thought I would love it, but instead I'm disliking it a whole lot. I'm about a third of the way in, but I don't know if I'll finish it.

Cooking: No clue why when I do the same stuff as other people, it comes out differently... "Five ingredient or less crock pot recipe". Boneless chicken breast, orange soda, soy sauce, garlic. Toss them all in the crock pot, cook for five hours, get orange chicken! I had never cooked with soda before, so that seemed like an interesting idea. I used the correct amount of everything, right amount of time, but ended up with flavorless chicken breasts. Slightly discolored from the soy sauce, but no flavor at all. Odd!

When I was a little kid, I loved orange soda and drank it endlessly. I haven't had even a sip of it since then, so I sampled a little before using the rest. How odd. Didn't taste orange-y at all, and even though it was sugared soda, it didn't even taste sweet to me. Very strange. (Though maybe that explains the lack of orange flavor in the chicken! There was only one brand of orange soda in the store though, so it's not like I picked the wrong one... Maybe I'll try this again with orange juice.)
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