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Bad gay, good gay (RL)

This annoyed the heck out of me yesterday, but I didn't feel like writing an all-negative post, so I let it go. Mississippi high school cancels a prom instead of letting same-sex couple attend. I heard it first on the radio: A girl was told she couldn't bring her girlfriend. She complained to her teacher, got no where. School officials, got no where. School district, no where. Finally she went to the ACLU who rightly smacked the school down for being stupid. So what did the school do?

Cancel the prom so that they wouldn't have to let her come with her girlfriend.

MUMBLE. I swear, one day these people are going to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to evolve. To stop being so damned backwards and hateful. Love is love! Stop being against love! Grrr!

And for the good thing, this is the darned sweetest video ever:

Warning: Country music! Heehee. It made me all sniffly and awww.

Edit: My flist is full of win this morning! This is the Best Commercial Ever!

Better than Old Spice "I'm on a horse"! I boggled, I laughed, I drooled! It's like The Village People updated for 2010 selling... something...
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