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WoW, FFXI, and RL

I should be headed to bed, but I've been getting enough sleep lately so I don't want to, so I'll end up short on sleep and tired, so I'll end up going to bed on time. It all works out!

Strange that the big FFXI update is today, and WoW has a big-ish update tomorrow. Unlike FFXI, I rarely read WoW patch info ahead of time... which hurts me. I should have sold off a bunch of epic gems by now, because the change in honor is going to crash the market. I should have made a bunch of the engineering pets, since they'll no longer be BoP. Oh well! Much like FFXI, I don't need money in WoW, not by a long shot. I have a metric crapton of gold and make anywhere from 100-1000 more per day (used to be 500-1000/day, but I've been slacking). Still, it bothers me when I don't take the opportunity to make more.

I'm really, really, really happy that holiday bosses will now be able to be gotten to through the dungeon finder. I used to rarely fight them in the past, since I'd have to ask my friends for help or talk to random strangers to join. I can't say how much I love the dungeon finder in general... or rather how people use it. Unless I go in with people I know, no one talks. No one says even hello or goodbye. I totally love it. Just go in, do the task at hand, and leave! (Funny that working with random strangers doesn't bother me at all when we all don't talk...)

RL: I ate horribly today. Couldn't have been worse. I was so annoyed with food over the weekend, so hungry the whole time, I went insane. Tomorrow must be better! Even though I ate too much, I discovered an odd change. This happened once before, but seeing it repeated is nice: I got (and ate) my usual amount of food, but I found I was satisfied after eating only a couple bites of it. (The other time was before the small meals thing started, so I don't think it's related to that.)

My new stick blender came today. Blah. I should have taken the time and found the old model I had bought last time. This new one isn't nearly as spiffy. Oh well, at least it doesn't have a warning against using it on ice cubes, like the last one did. I have almost no fruit left in the house, just apples, peaches (fresh in a jar), and bananas. Apples don't seem like smoothie-friendly fruit, so I did peach/banana. Surprisingly good, as I hate banana and it was mostly banana (whole small banana, maybe half a peach). I saved half of it for tomorrow morning. (You know, I wonder how a tiny little bit of that real maple syrup I have would taste in a smoothie... It would have to be with the right kinds of fruits... something banana-y?)

Need to get frozen fruit. Maybe I'll visit Trader Joe's over lunchtime.
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