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BSG2: Caprica? No. SG:U? YES!

Stargate: Universe, how I missed you! How amazingly Battlestar Galactica-ish you are! I love every minute of you. I love the characters. I love the darkness. I love the situation. I love the plots.

I forced myself to watch every ep of Caprica, waiting for it to get good, waiting for it to become Battlestar Galactica-ish. Nine minutes of SG:U have given me more enjoyment than nine entire eps of Caprica. No exaggeration.

Even after nine eps of Caprica, there's not one single character I care about. They could all fall over dead and the only reaction I'd have was hope that maybe the new batch of characters they'd have to bring in might be more interesting.

SG:U, on the other hand... It's like the midseason break never happened. From the very first seconds I was drawn back in, caring about the characters, the situation, everything.

Watching Caprica was a chore. Watching SG:U is a delight.
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