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How to Train Your Dragon

Late as I always seem to be, I finally saw this movie. I liked it quite a bit. Wasn't perfect, wasn't worth the $18 ticket price, but it was a better than average movie.

Unfortunately there was an issue with the theater's projection, my glasses, or my eyes (I doubt it was the movie itself). Every time there was a "fast moving" scene, like flying, the 3D was blurry. I'm told the flying 3D was the movie's selling point; unfortunately all it did for me was give me a headache because I couldn't focus my eyes. (I did walk into the movie with eye strain (see also: my post about reading a 1,100 page book in four days), so maybe it was me.)

I said this after seeing Avatar and it continues to hold true: I do not like seeing movies in theaters. Even as empty as this showing was (only other people in the whole theater was a guy and his two boys), I didn't like it. Seats aren't comfortable, can't pause it to get a drink or run to the bathroom, and the inability to multitask while watching.

$18 is a crapton of money for an afternoon movie, too.

The movie was evidence that I don't like the whole Nordic culture just because of WoW. Every time there was a building with a wooden dragon head, I smiled. I loved everything about the setting. The dragons were mostly darned cool, too.

So all in all, it was a pretty good movie. Oddly (VERY ODDLY) the preview for the new Karate Kid movie didn't look bad. I'd watch it for sure (once it's on HBO). When the preview first started I rolled my eyes hard, but watching it made me smile -- it seems to have the same feeling of the original one down.
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