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Sunday cooking, WoW, Stargate: Universe

Last weekend I didn't cook. I had too much stuff to eat before it went bad, so I didn't need to make additional stuff on top of that. This weekend not only did I cook, I did something I vowed never to do: Cooked without a recipe. OooOOOooooOOOooo! *spooky noises*

Amazingly, it turned out fine. Would have been great, if I hadn't semi-burnt it. Hours and hours of watching cooking shows sunk in! I made chicken cutlets: Cut the breasts thinner, pounded them (alas this was at 9 AM so I didn't want to pound too much and disturb the neighbors, so they didn't get as thin as I would have liked). Dipped them in milk, bread crumbs, egg, crumbs again, into the pan.

The first batch I made into chicken parm, but somehow the spices in the "Italian style bread crumbs" clashed with the spices in the jarred sauce. For dinner I ate more of them, but plain. Were very yummy, other than being burnt. (I let the pan get too hot.)

Bonus: I have enough for two more meals. Yay!


Stargate: Universe continues to be the best show on TV. Not only are the plots and characters amazing, they use the best music ever! This week's song. All this music I never heard before, but totally love.

The plots are sooooooo good. I'm getting close to the point of saying SG:U is better than BSG (basically they're the same though, really really similar plots and settings). The characters though! Rush is the best character on any show I've seen in a long time. Is he a bad guy? Is he a good guy? So complex! So interesting! :D :D


WoW: I can't say much about my current project on the game, other than it's killing my enjoyment of the game. Yesterday I was on the trade channel for about 14 hours. The day before, 10 hours. Gods above, this subset of WoW players are stupid. Stupid, spammy, awful little human beings. Mean, stupid, full of themselves, clueless and trying to sound like experts. I'd gleefully strangle 99.9999% of them. Ugh.
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