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Sarah Palin's Secret Contract Demands: Bendy Straws (Warning: Political!)

I try to avoid posting political stuff, really I do, but this is too BWAHAHAHAHA to resist.

For lord knows what reason (okay, fund-raising), a California university has her coming to speak. (Palin. Speaking at a university. BWAHAHAHAHA.) She has a "secret contract" listing demands for her to speak. Among them? "Bendy straws". Seriously.

Many news sources, but here's ABC's.

Okay, really the whole thing isn't all that funny (read the contract linked from that story). She MUST have a SUV! That's her first choice on cars! (BUH?)

"The Cal State speech – which is believed to be costing the university's foundation about $75,000 -- became grist for controversy when California state Sen. Leland Yee questioned the wisdom of the expense at a time when the state is in the grips of a budget crisis."

Ugh. Just ugh.
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