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Russian LJs have the oddest pictures

After months of never touching them, I've been poking at the random LJ image sites again.

This picture makes my eyes hurt (totally work safe).

I'm not sure if it's the picture or the fact that I've been having some major eyestrain lately, but I just can't focus on that! So cool and eye-hurty!

So I have this saved here:

Mornherald's, held in his hand. Haken's touch is gentle, firm, full of care. Oil first. Smooth, long strokes. Gleaming hardness. His hand makes another unhurried trip to the tip. And another. And another. He lifts his eyes to his senior, watching him for a moment as he works. Only the closest of Death Knights share like this. Intimate contact. Haken doesn't smile, not with his lips, but his eyes crinkle and fondness warms them as he looks to his partner, his Mornherald-favorite. A knight's runeblade is his soul, and Haken will always take the best of care of his senior's.

I have one more I want to write. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow. I sure to miss writing drabbles, they're so much fun!
Tags: drabble, haken fic, random
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