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Random image of the night & WoW

This woman is very drunk. NWS!

WoW was something tonight. I've been doing H-HoR nightly with two friends, trying to get the STR ring (the Last Fricking Piece Of Gear I Need). Generally our runs go fast and smooth (they're tank and healer, and my DPS is good enough that I don't need to be carried, that leaves just two DPS who we have to worry about).

Tonight was something else. We entered, pally and hunter were our two randoms. (Bet you can't guess which one was the issue! Sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason...) Hunter was an idiot. Did not listen. Could not assist. Made the tank's life annoying by opening with stupid abilities. But we cleared the waves and moved on to the one mob in the hallway (with the party clone adds). My tank friend has a trick to pull the mob and the adds never 'wake up', but the stupid hunter could not listen to the most basic instructions. 'Wait here. Tank will pull mob to us.' Idiot ran off and attacked down the hallway, and of course we got the adds. (Yeah, adds are minor, but it's still nice to avoid them since it's so easy to.)

I said in party that he got a F- in listening. I was actually semi-joking, he was an idiot but the run would be over in ten minutes, no use getting all angry at him for nothing. His reply? 'You can talk to me when you can break 4K'. (Okay, maybe it was more like 'u can tlk 2 me...'.) Nevermind HE was doing less DPS than that... We vote kicked him.

But the story didn't end there! He rolled a character on my server just to give me crap. He whispered me endless insults, including calling me a "FAGGOT" and a "PUNK AZZ BITCH". And then he joined trade to tell the world how much I suck.


Really, WTF? He must have been 12 years old... I reported him, but still. Mumble.
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