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Not as easy as I thought!

I spent much of today going back and forth on iPads. Do I want one? Don't I? But $500 is a lot for a toy. But $500 is wrong, the one I want is $700 and change. But I want an ebook reader plus it'd be cool and have extras and and and...

Finally, while driving home, I decided. I'd get one. I went to Best Buy, they were out. Literally every Best Buy within 100 miles of me is out of them.

Came home, looked up the Apple Store. 7-10 business day delay to get one shipped. Blah. Called the Apple Store... out. All stores around here are out of them.

Blah! 7-10 business days is a darned long time to wait. Do I want to order one? Don't I? Now I'm back to undecided again. D:

(The other small thing I worried about is what if the 3G network doesn't work at work? Or at home? So many questions!)
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