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Media questions!

1) Without spoilers, those of you who have followed Lost and have seen the last ep tonight, do you feel the series is worth watching? The ending was worth it? I stopped watching maybe two seasons ago, with the horrible love triangle. If I were to go back to Lost, I'd start at the beginning again. Should I? Did the ending wrap things up nicely? Or leave things not-settled but in a satisfying way?

2) When I buy a new book, it gets tossed into my to-read pile. Books can sometimes stay in that pile a long, long time. The latest book I'm reading was purchased two years ago, so it's understandable that I didn't realize I was reading the prequel to an earlier published book.

If you were holding two books in your hand, which one would you read first? The book that was published first or the one which came first time-wise but was published later? It's been bugging me, I keep feeling I'm reading them in the wrong order, even though the one I'm reading is the one that came first in the timeline.

Which would you read first?

The book first published
The book that came first but was published second

3) I'm really kicking myself about not ordering the iPad sooner. I'm on call for jury duty the week it's due to arrive. It should arrive on a Wednesday, being on call starts on a Monday. Plus I need to call them to have them hold it the day it arrives... whoever "them" is, the confirmation email didn't say. It'd be the perfect thing to entertain myself with if I do have to go in to court, if only I get it in time.
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